Identity and Access Management

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Protecting access to your valuable resources is almost as important as the resources themselves. We can design, install, implement and manage a fully customized access control system that includes CCTV monitoring systems, Biometric building access controls, and Time attendance systems. We can help you to protect restricted areas with more than a lock and key, capturing any tempering with the sophisticated biometric access controls.

Physical Security:

Barcode System
Bio-Metric Access System
Turnstyles and Barreir Gate Systems
Proximity scanning systems

Time and Attendance:

Staff time attandence and wages calculation systems

Multiple site location Online / Offline

CCTV Surveillance and BMS:

CCTV Systems for IP Base Surveillance
BMS systems for monitoring and Survielance

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Infrastructure Management

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Network and Security

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Data Protection

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Identity and Access Management
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Messaging Solutions

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Telephony and Call Centre Solutions