Data Protection

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We provide you with a disciplined backup, storage and restore management solution. Making sure that all of your hard wosrk does not disappear into thin air. Your business is built on data, if that data disappears, so does everything you have worked so hard for. Do not let the data get lost or corrupt, we help you manage your data to ensure it is regularly and adequetely backed up.
Our Products and Solutions include:
System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM)
Disaster Recovery Planning
Software License, Server and Storage
Our Sales Services include:
Implementation of SCDPM
Implementation of Disaster Recovery Site
Disaster Recovery Planning

Data Backup and Archive:

Offline, Online and Realtime data backup systems for servers
LAN and WAN Data Backup Systems
Data Replications and High Availability
Data Archiving on-site and off-site
Cloud Backup and Cloud Archiving
Data Duplication and Mirroring

Data Recovery:

Disk Level Data Recovery
Cloud Data Recovery
Plate Level Data Recovery
Data Repair

Data Encription Protection:

Data Encryption for Servers
Data Encryption for Emails
Asset Management Systems
Remote Access Protection
Radius Access Protection
Data Warehousing

Document Management Systems:

Centralized Document Archiving
Document Scanning and Digital Data processing
Digital Document Sharing and Languge conversions

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Infrastructure Management

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Network and Security

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Data Protection

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Identity and Access Management
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Messaging Solutions

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Telephony and Call Centre Solutions